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Destination Weddings

Are you dreaming of a destination wedding? Celebrating the most joyful day of your lives in romantic Tuscany or in the Caribbean on a stretch of white sand?

Many bridal couples wish to celebrate their wedding in a country with which they have an emotional connection. Maybe Italy is the country where you spent your first vacation together? Or did you meet in France? How wonderful would it be to celebrate your love in such a meaningful destination? Of course you also enable you and your guest a longer get away from the daily lives and you can enjoy your wedding and the time together with your family and friends for much longer. Many bridal couples organize their destination wedding for an entire weekend abroad. The first evening then often is a casual and cosy get together that provides the perfect start before the actual wedding day. A brunch on the third day could be the perfect finish where you and your guests can talk about the wedding day once more. Many bridal couples will also start their honeymoon directly from the destination wedding. You will be surprised how many guests will do the same and take your wedding as an initiation for a vacation. So prolong your special day for you and your guests to become an unforgettable trip.

Being a wedding planer for quite a few years now and having organized weddings in various countries, has enabled me to put together a distinct portfolio of the best and reliable vendors as well as the most exclusive locations. I perfectly understand that a destination wedding requires a very specific planning, organization and communication beforehand in order to generate a flawless event the day of. My profound knowledge of several languages enables me to better communicate, negotiate and plan with most vendors on site. In the further planning of your wedding, I will also be happy to organize all travels for you and your guests as well as to take care of the guest management on site. With a professional planning beforehand and with the wedding planer of your trust, you can be assured that no questions remain unanswered. I would be very happy to advise you on a suitable country and the distinct rituals as well as the needed wedding documents.

Should the country of your dreams not be listed below, please do not hesitate to contact me.