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Italy Weddings

Italy is one of the most famous vacation destinations worldwide. Therefore it is not surprising that many bridal couples also dream of a wedding in Italy. In the land of pasta, pizza and pesto, culinary is taken care of – exclusive cold pressed olive oil, Pasta that is cooked al dente, fresh herbs and nonetheless exquisite wines, Italy will make it very easy for you to take care of your guests!

Be inspired by the easy sense of Italian mentality and learn to enjoy to the fullest. The Italian hospitality will show you the sweet life, the “dolce vita“.

But culinary and hospitality are by far not the only assets of Italy. Rome, Florence, Verona, Milan, Pisa, Venice – Italy’s cities with their meaningful cultural monuments uphold a very special flair. But Italy does not only offer an unbelievable selection of historic churches and cathedrals for your wedding in its big cities. Hardly any other country in the world offers that many breathtaking churches in scenic settings.

No matter if you decide for a wedding at a lake, a wedding at the beach or a wedding in a rustic location, Italy has breathtaking wedding locations and regions for your wedding. Whether you decide for a wedding at lake Garda, in Tuscany, in Sardegna or elsewhere, you will not regret your decision. The country’s flair, the people’s charm and the exquisite Italian cuisine will conquer your heart. Italy offers an unbelievable variety of wedding locations – villas, castles and vineyards.

Lake Garda wedding & Verona wedding

Many couples seem to wish for a wedding at Lake Garda within the last years.

Close to the Alps and Dolomites lies the idyllic Lake Garda. Especially from Bavaria, Lake Garda can easily be reached by car and this will also ease the travel for your guests. Although Lake Garda is not far located from Germany and Austria, the mediterranean landscape, language and outstanding food will immediately make you feel like on vacation. Your wedding at Lake Garda will remain an unforgettable experience for you and your guests. No matter if you wish for your wedding at the lake or in a winery, Lake Garda has stunning wedding locations. Also for the guest’s accommodation Lake Garda offers various possibilities in different price ranges.

Not far from Lake Garda lies a very stunning Italian city: Verona. Verona also offers breathtaking wedding locations. Especially old, historic Villas and castles with unique gardens and endless possibilities can be found here for your dream wedding in Verona.

Be inspired by weddings at Lake Garda and in Verona.

Lake Como wedding

The romantic setting will stun couples who decide for a wedding at Lake Como. Lake Como lies to the north west of Italy. Famous through the high society and the many breathtaking houses and villas, Lake Como is an especially great choice for weddings in Italy. Beautiful Villas and hotels directly at the lake lie between cypress trees and high mountains. But historic barns and rustic restaurants could also make for an unforgettable wedding at Lake Como.

Venice wedding

Bridal couples who decide for a wedding in Venice wish for a romantic wedding. The city’s uniqueness will also be mirrored in your wedding. Gondolas, channels and an array of historic palaces will provide for a stunning backdrop – not only for your pictures. A Venice wedding is probably one of the most exclusive ways of arranging an Italian wedding.

Tuscany wedding

Bridal couples who wish for a wedding in Tuscany, love the flair and the ambience of Italy. A wedding in the middle of Italy, in Tuscany, will also stand out by the beautiful landscape. Stunning locations for your Italy wedding will await you in between the delicate hills, surrounded by cypress trees, vineyards and pine trees. No matter if you dream of a wedding in a villa, in a castle or in a winery, Tuscany will not disappoint you. Next to the beautiful rural areas, Tuscany also offers perfect wedding locations in it’s world known cities, such as Florence, Pisa, Sienna or Lucca which will make your wedding a true fairy tale.

Amalfi coast wedding

One of the most beautiful wedding regions in Italy is the Amalfi coast. Beautiful locations for your Italy wedding can be found along the steep cliffs. Picture perfect little towns have made the Amalfi coast one of the most beautiful coastal regions of Italy and therefore also one of the most idyllic wedding regions of Italy. The Amalfi coast offers historic villas, palaces but also beautiful hotels for your dream wedding in Italy.

Sardinia, Sicily, Capri wedding

Couples who decide for their wedding in Sardinia, Siciliy or Capri often wish for a beach wedding. Italy’s South offers an array of picturesque islands where a beach wedding can be arranged. These islands are often called the Caribbean of the Mediterranean. Glass clear water, romantic beaches and the friendliness of the Italians will make your wedding an unforgettable experience. Especially along the northeastern part of Sardinia you will find numerous beaches, powder like sand, turquoise water and breathtaking granite formations. The Mediterranean landscape that is characterized by delicate hills, cork and oak forests will be the perfect backdrop for your Italy wedding.

I will be happy to advise you for your wedding in Italy.