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Destination wedding – USA, Mexico, Caribbean

Are you dreaming of a destination wedding in the Americas? No matter if you are looking at the land of opportunity, a location by the Maya ruins in Mexico or a white sandy beach in the Caribbean, your wedding will become a true vacation and an unforgettable experience for you and your guests.

USA weddings

The land of opportunity also offers a large variety of unique wedding locations. The US, from the Atlantic to the Pacific, offers all forms of landscape, beaches and vibrant cities. One of the most known US cities for weddings is undoubtedly Las Vegas with its array of little wedding chapels where officiates dressed as Elvis will marry you. But don’t be misguided by the cheesy stereotypes. The US will offer you a range of very different wedding locations. Would you like a maritime wedding on the east coast of Rhode Island? Or a mid-west wedding in cowboy boots? A traditional wedding in Hawaii? Or a modern, Art Deco styled beach wedding in Miami? Which ever theme and location you will choose, the sky is the limit for your wedding in the US.

Mexico weddings

Many bridal couples dream of getting married in Mexico. They wish to celebrate their special day in a fascinating country that persuades with its history and culture as well as with their picturesque sandy beaches. The area of the Yucatan peninsula, especially the Riviera Maya region can offer pretty much everything a true dream wedding will need. From luxurious haciendas bordering the Mayan ruins in Tulum, to luxurious hotels in Cancun, you will be impressed by the amazing landscape and culture – all of it by the Caribbean beaches of the Atlantic Ocean.

Caribbean weddings

North of the equator, in the western parts of the Atlantic Ocean lies the Caribbean Sea with it variety of picturesque islands. The Caribbean undoubted offers one of the most beautiful regions for beach weddings. Many people opt for the Caribbean especially in winter with its mild climate. You will be surprised how diverse the geographical and cultural conditions are on the different islands and countries. The languages range from Spanish, English, French and Dutch to Creole. As diverse as its languages is the culinary art of the Caribbean. There are different countries within the Caribbean that are ideal for your destination wedding in the Caribbean. Whether you are looking for a wedding in the Dominican Republic, in the Bahamas or in the Turcs- & Caicos islands, the panoramic views at a lonesome beach is safe with a wedding in the Caribbean.

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