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How much time in advance should we start with the planning? 2017-03-06T10:34:12+00:00

I would advise you to start the planning between 12 to 9 months before your wedding date. Many locations are booked out months, if not years in advance – especially in the summer months. I believe that the location is the centrepiece of a wedding. So you should definitely allocate enough time for the search and visit of the location. As soon as you have booked your location, you will have enough time on hand to have a stress free planning of your wedding. Please see my wedding checklist for a good overview of the different planning stages of a wedding.

Which wedding planning package do you recommend? 2017-03-06T10:34:16+00:00

With my full-service wedding package, I accompany from the beginning and ensure that the wedding is organized out of one hand from the first idea. Your advantage with the full-service planning by a professional wedding planer is that all dates, deadlines as well as the entire planning is controlled. With the full-service package I can best ensure that possible mistakes are avoided.

Thus, a few bridal couples prefer to organize the wedding on their own and solely wish to have support in selected areas. This decision is often also financially based, so an a la carte wedding package or solely a location search may make more sense. It is very important to me that you feel comfortable – with the care as well as with the expenses. I will gladly advise you non-binding which wedding package best suits you.

What is included in a full-service wedding package? 2017-03-06T10:34:17+00:00

The full-service wedding package is so to speak an all around carefree wedding organization. I will accompany you from the first idea, to the location search, the design concept, the negotiations with vendors until the assistance the day of the wedding. How much you would like to be involved in the planning stages is entirely up to you. I will ensure that your wedding has an overall design concept with a common thread and with the best, selected vendors will put together a perfectly organized wedding. The organization of the wedding within the full-service package is not tied to certain hours or a pre-fixed timeframe. You can also be ensured that any possible delays in the planning or any unforseen circumstances are covered and will not be invoiced separately. A perfect wedding and planning often takes much more time than originally thought.

Are you tied to specific vendors? 2017-03-06T10:34:18+00:00

I will gladly recommend my preferred vendors. These are professionals in their specific areas and will largely contribute to the success of your wedding. But I am not committed to any vendor. Of course I will gladly also work with vendors that you wish for or that you may also personally know.

How do you account for vendors that have been recommended by the bridal couple? 2017-03-06T10:34:20+00:00

If the bridal couple takes over the entire organization and planning of a specific area of the wedding, the area will not be calculated in the final bill. As soon as Oui Weddings ensures the organization and planning of a specific area, it will also be considered in the final bill – also if the recommendation of a vendor was made by the bridal couple.

What are the costs of a wedding? 2017-03-06T10:34:22+00:00

It is difficult to answer the question of how much a wedding costs. I often like to compare it with the purchase of a car. You can buy the rather cheap smart, the expensive Porsche or a lot of vehicles in between. A wedding also has many different details that influence the final bill. The location as well as a caterer should be named as two important factors. But already the wedding flowers offer many possibilities of controlling the expenses. You could for example choose pretty summer flowers instead of expensive orchids in order to keep the spending in a certain budget.

I always advise my bridal couples to set a rough budget – possibly with an upper limit and to determine which areas of the wedding are especially important to them. If you for example regard food & beverage as an especially important area then we should allocate a larger sum of the budget towards this area and should possibly plan a wedding menu rather than a buffet. Within my full-service wedding package we will discuss the costs of your wedding with an individual cost calculation. This can be seen as a building set where each detail can be individually adjusted according to your wishes. The right planning will allow you to result with savings so that the costs of your wedding remain within your budget.

What is the cost of a wedding planer? 2017-03-06T10:34:23+00:00

The costs for a wedding planer first of depend on the specific package you choose. A full-service package can obviously not be compared to a location search. The costs of a wedding planer within the full-service package are dependant upon different factors, mainly upon the complexity of the planning and the height of the budget. A destination wedding for example already will require multiple days when visiting the location. Many bridal couples also wish to have a rehearsal dinner or a brunch after the wedding day. Since every wedding and the respective planning are different, the proposals will also be individually put together. I will gladly after a non-committing first talk send you a tailored proposal.

If you opt for an a la carte wedding package, the planning of specific areas of your wedding, or a location search, I will gladly put together a separate proposal that is independent of your budget and will be calculated based on the time required.

When deciding for a professional wedding planning it is important to know that many vendors ensure me with pre-negotiated prices that I will then gladly hand over to you. Therefore the costs of a wedding planer are often put into perspective.

What differentiates you from other wedding planers? 2017-03-06T10:34:24+00:00

My longstanding experience in the planning and organization of exclusive weddings has allowed me to put together a portfolio of the best, selected vendors and locations. Since 2008 I organize weddings, from two to a few hundred guests, in various places of the world, with different budgets and themes. No matter if you wish for a vintage or rather modern inspired wedding, I will ensure that the design is tailor made for you. Pre-made concepts do not exist. Every design is as individual as you. After all it is your wedding and therefore the concept needs to match you as a couple. Especially my experience in the planning and organization of destination weddings has enabled me to orient myself and work with new vendors and locations. This flexibility in the planning paired with a high aspiration for perfection allows me to create individual, creative and exclusive weddings for my clients. For destination weddings it is also often crucial that I can communicate with vendors in their mother language. Next to German and English, I speak French and Italian. Overall the client satisfaction though is most important to me. It is an important if not the most important day of your life. I am aware of this responsibility. Through a selective choice of the amounts of weddings, I ensure that I can perfectly take care of my clients and that every wedding is planned to perfection. I am looking forward to your inquiry.